Groupe Dupuis Paquin


The professionals at DUPUIS PAQUIN share three common beliefs:

(1) The power of interdisciplinarity

To find the solutions to the problems businesses and their leaders are facing today, a sound knowledge of various areas of law, as well as other disciplines is crucial. These solutions must be designed by taking into account two environments: on the one hand, legal norms and on the other hand, the need to achieve success in business.

(2) The need for business acumen

To truly understand the problems business leaders are facing today, one must have been in their shoes at one time or another. The proposed solutions must be effective and efficient. Indeed, the solutions suggested by legal experts alone, are not necessarily the best business solutions.

(3) The optimization of the cost-benefit ratio

Solutions, even the best ones, cannot be implemented if they are not cost-effective. Companies and their leaders give their lasting trust to professionals who can provide the best value for money.