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Civil Law

Many of the regulations in business law stem from civil law, which provides the cornerstone for most rights and obligations governing the relationship of individuals with one another.

Together with business law and employment law, civil law constitutes the foundation of "private law", one of the two major branches of law. Private law distinguishes itself from "public law", which encompasses legal fields related to the relations between citizens and the government (e.g. administrative law, criminal law and constitutional law).

In Quebec, a large section of civil law is codified in the Civil Code of Québec.

The legislator addresses therein many topics of great importance for companies and their managers including:

  • Formation and performance of contracts;
  • Specific rules pertaining to certain contracts, such as the lease, the contract for services, business contract and the operational lease;
  • Rights that may affect movable and immovable property, such as property rights and mortgages;
  • The standards defining civil responsibility and its penalty;
  • The framework for the devolution of estates.

Thus, the practice of business law requires a strong knowledge of civil law, which is what our team offers.