Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Commercial contracts

Most of the time, business deals are the fruit of tough negotiations and brainstorming sessions. We can of course assist you in drafting your contracts by faithfully transposing the contents of your agreements. In this regard, as the saying goes: "the devil is in the details". In other words, it is easier to agree on the general terms than on the more specific terms of an agreement. That being said, we can assist you in other ways also. For instance, we can help you negotiate "good agreements" by helping you identify important issues, legal as well as business-related ones.

Admittedly, many contracts are mere verbal agreements. Contracts do not necessarily have to be concluded in writing. The reality of the business realm demands a certain flexibility to maintain smooth relations between people. However, the perception of either party sometimes varies, especially when the time comes to define reciprocal obligations set out in verbal agreements. Such misperceptions often result in costly and counter-productive legal disputes. Hence the importance of consulting a firm like ours, even when the proposed contracts are not meant to be written.

Our approach is as follows: we believe that the very same contract may require a paragraph or a hundred pages. The key for the other party is to act knowingly. Sometimes it will suffice to check that the contract reflects the essence of the agreement and that it contains no substantial flaws. The primary objective in these cases is to avoid being left without any recourse in the event of a bad contract being concluded, just because the parties avoided settling sensitive issues in the course of the negotiations. In other situations, however, the utmost care is required in the early stages of the discussions.

Regardless of the situation you are in, our goal is to always help you achieve the proposed transactions. We aim to simplify things as much as possible and not to over-complicate unnecessarily.

The diversity of commercial contracts is such that it would be pointless to try and list them all. There also countless categories, such as service, employment, financing, insurance, licensing, intellectual property, real estate and construction contracts, to name but a few.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Help with negotiations;
  • Preparation of letters of intent or offer;
  • Drafting sales contracts, commercial leases, distribution, licensing, procurement, employment, confidentiality, franchising and outsourcing contracts.