Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Construction and real estate

The construction and real estate laws regulate one of the largest economic sectors in the country. Because of its size, this sector involves a vast set of laws and regulations, on the one hand, and operators with various interests on the other. It is this tangle of standards and issues that many refer to as "the construction world."

Our multidisciplinary approach is a major asset in this area. With respect to construction law, solutions lie not only in the specific sectorial rules (the laws administered by the Régie du bâtiment and the Construction Commission) and those related to them (corporate law, commercial law, civil law, etc.) but also in the rules of good administration (creative financing, optimal resource allocation, art of negotiation and conflicts resolution, proactive risk management, etc…)

Whether you are a newcomer to this "world" or a key player, we will give you sound practical advice to help you succeed. We can also represent you at all stages of your industrial, commercial or residential construction project.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Assistance in obtaining governmental and municipal permits;
  • Coordination of bids submitted via the BSDQ and MERX Canadian Public Tenders;
  • Registration of Legal Hypothecs for construction;
  • Prior notice of exercise of hypothecary recourse;
  • Negotiating, drafting and verification of construction contracts and other contracts related to financing and professional services;
  • Negotiation of contract bid bonds and performance bonds;
  • Representation before the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), the Construction Commission in Québec (CCQ) and the Commission for Health and Safety at Work Quebec (CSST);
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial leases;
  • Legal advice on the warranty against hidden defects and other quality guarantees;
  • Representation before courts and arbitral bodies in actions concerning contractual liability.
  • Member services of CMEQ (Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec)
  • Member services of CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec)