Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Corporate Book-keeping

A company is a "paperwork monster." It exists under its articles of incorporation filed with government authorities. It is defined by resolutions, regulations, contracts, which amount to a lot of documents to be drafted and recorded.

Being diligent and organized with paperwork makes the job of everyone involved with your company easier, whether they are lawyers, tax experts or tax auditors and other public officers responsible for enforcing the law. Professional book-keeping services prevent oversights or mistakes that may have serious administrative, operational or financial consequences.

In addition, every year, directors' and shareholders' meetings should be held to meet legal requirements and fulfill the reporting obligations. Again, that means more paperwork to be produced and recorded.

We know that many managers believe that paperwork management is time-consuming and provides no added value. As for us, we do believe that investing in order to ensure that the situation of your company and the chains of events marking its evolution are clear, accurate and up-to-date, will provide significant benefits:

  • Firstly, this will give managers peace of mind. Now, this is an invaluable benefit to all entrepreneurs who need to focus on the business aspect of their company.
  • Secondly, since a company with well-kept books is easier to evaluate, it will facilitate and promote better agreements with potential buyers, bankers and investors.

Since it matters to us that our clients are diligent and responsible as far as corporate book-keeping is concerned, we refer them to a sister company specialized in this practice area. Focused on volume and a standardized approach, PARACO enables our clients to benefit from very affordable packages for the following services;

  • Updating various corporate books and company records (shareholders, directors, officers, transfers, etc.);
  • Submitting articles of amendment to the Enterprise Registrar;
  • Updating the information in the Enterprise Register, when filing the annual income tax return (joint filing);
  • Reminding clients and their accountants of fiscal year ends;
  • Annual meeting with clients to ensure that all relevant information is recorded in the books and company records;
  • Saving all the information entered into a computer system, with daily backup;
  • 24/7 Client Access to the virtual minute book of the company;
  • Safekeeping of corporate books in a secure location;
  • Collaboration with other professionals involved with clients, such as their accountants.

The DUPUIS-PAQUIN Team is obviously available to its customers to provide services that would require more specific attention.