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Insurance contracts

Business managers know that in business, nothing is guaranteed. There is a constant risk of losing hard-earned assets, which is why all kinds of insurance policies need to be put in place.

Unfortunately, purchasing an insurance policy does not necessarily put an end to managers' worries. Many are taken aback by the decisions of insurance companies when, once disaster struck, it is time for them to honor the coverage. It is not uncommon for these companies to refuse to pay compensation, totally or partially, because:

  • The initial declaration of the policyholder is deemed incomplete.
  • The policyholder was supposedly aware of the cause leading to the claim before purchasing the policy;
  • Aggravation of the risks covered is deemed to have occurred after purchasing the policy and was not reported to the insurer;
  • The policyholder allegedly failed to fulfil one of his/her formal commitments agreed upon signature of the insurance contract;
  • The claim allegedly results from a deliberate act of the policyholder.

This is when a long and costly struggle begins for companies and their managers against companies with legal and financial resources incredibly higher than theirs.

Decisions related to insurance policies are to be made with careful consideration. You should seek the assistance of professionals who are familiar with the insurance companies' "vocabulary" in order to avoid bad surprises. In this respect, our advice can prove to be invaluable. We've got you covered.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Advice prior to and upon purchasing an insurance policy;
  • Negotiation of insurance coverage for damage, people, civil liability and professional liability;
  • Reviewing the various insurance policies available;
  • Informal dispute resolution with insurance companies;
  • Representation in court in matters related to insurance litigation.