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Partnership agreements and joint ventures

Provincial or federal company is a vehicle commonly used for the conduct of business. However, it is not the only legal form available to corporations, which can also take the form of partnership agreements or joint ventures.

In fact, the word "business" describes corporations (companies), as well as businesses described in the Quebec civil law as "partnerships". The three main types of partnerships are: the general partnership, the limited liability partnership and the limited partnership. These companies do not have a "legal personality" and are not distinct from their stakeholders. Even if they share common attributes with "legal persons" (a company is a legal person), they cannot be recognized as such.

For various reasons, it may be beneficial or plain convenient not to choose "the company" as a legal form. We can help you make the right decision by outlining the pros and cons.

As for the joint venture, it can describe two companies, corporations or individuals which enter into a partnership to operate a business or carry out a particular project. Stakeholders may not want to partner with a company or a formal corporation so that they can each retain their own legal status and identity. This kind of partnership must, in most cases, be recorded in a formal written contract.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Help with negotiations;
  • Drafting partnership agreements;
  • Development of joint venture agreements ("JV");
  • Dispute resolution between partners.