Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Securities Transactions

The transfer of shares is always a delicate operation in the life of a company. Whether it is due to the departure or arrival of a shareholder, a reorganization, a merger, tax planning or any other event, the rules provided by the law, statutes, bylaws and shareholders' agreements must be respected. Contracts should be entered into and the company's books and records must be updated accordingly.

Very often, share transfers are subject to negotiations during which legal advice may be needed. These transfers encompass various aspects, such as business, corporate law, tax law and accounting. Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to have a good understanding of all the issues involved in share transactions.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Purchase and sale of shares;
  • Share buy-back;
  • Issuance of new shares;
  • Transfers to "holdings" or trusts.