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Economic criminal and penal law

Legally speaking, there are two main ways to be held liable for a fault. Firstly, there is civil liability, which is mainly intended to provide pecuniary compensation for damage caused by the wrongful act. Secondly, there is criminal or penal liability, which is intended to punish the wrongdoer. However, out of the two, criminal and penal liability is undoubtedly the most feared by companies and their executives.

Criminal and penal liability has indeed dire consequences on businesses and their leaders. When established, it can significantly reduce the wealth of entrepreneurs due to fines and other very harsh financial penalties; however, more importantly, it can also be devastating for their well-earned reputation with their partners, clients, community, government agencies as well as employees.

Such expertise requires lawyers who are well versed in criminal law and knowledgeable about the areas of law governing the activities subject to these investigations and proceedings, including tax law, bankruptcy law, construction law, Customs Law, intellectual property, environmental law, competition law and securities law.

To be criminally convicted also means - and above all – running the risk of being deprived of one's liberty. This prospect can destroy families and darken futures.

Therefore, when companies or their leaders think they could be directly or indirectly involved in criminal investigations or proceedings relating to the conduct of their business, it would be more than sensible to get help from experts in criminal and criminal economic law.

At PAQUIN DUPUIS, this expertise is at the heart of our practice. We can help you when:

  • You have been charged with a criminal or penal offense;
  • You are currently the target of a criminal or penal investigation;
  • You have been called as a witness in a criminal or penal investigation or proceeding;
  • You have been subjected to search and seizure or other methods of investigations carried out by the police or other law enforcement agencies;
  • You have been subjected to restraint of property following a criminal or penal investigation;
  • You are considering filing a complaint with the police or other law enforcement agencies;
  • You wish to file a private prosecution after the Crown refused to consent to charges being laid or proceedings being conducted until trial.