Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Competition and business practices

Safeguarding our economic system depends largely on the guarantee that no business - or group of companies - has the ability to control the market alone by unilaterally imposing its price, its quality and range of products and services.

By adopting laws against anti-competitive practices, we protect free competition, which constitutes the cornerstone of our economy. In this respect, the Competition Act is the most important legislation. The criminal sanctions it provides can be extremely dissuasive.

Without this protection scheme, SMEs would quickly disappear and be replaced on the market by monopolies, trusts, cartels and other coalitions.

But do not be mistaken, anti-competitive practices are not exclusive to corporate giants. They are not the only ones at risk of criminal liability. Indeed, these large companies concede more secondary markets to local businesses. Due to their relative sizes on these markets, some SMEs can, in turn, adopt unfair trade practices toward their competitors and customers.

Companies that are alleged victims of unfair competition or that are alleged to use anticompetitive practices can find with us all the solutions to their concerns. We offer, not only legal solutions, but also business solutions as these can better address the root of the problem. This is where our sense of entrepreneurship and our multidisciplinary expertise can make all the difference.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Regulatory Risk Analysis for competitive practices;
  • Development of internal procedures to prevent violations of competition laws;
  • Negotiation of amicable agreements with the victims of violations of competition laws;
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements with the Competition Bureau of Canada;
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements with the federal Crown prosecutors including the adoption of diversion solutions;
  • Representation in court in the event of criminal prosecution for violation of competition laws including abuse of dominant position or deceptive telemarketing;
  • Private prosecutions for violations of competition laws.