Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Customs and excise taxes

For the most part, Quebec companies do business abroad. Their internationalization mainly takes the form of import and export activities of goods.

Although customs tariffs are relatively low in Canada, some goods are marketed in extremely competitive markets. In these markets, a variation of a few percentage points in the production cost can turn your business from profitable to loss-making.

Some companies sometimes fail to comply fully with their responsibilities in terms of customs declarations. The most common customs infractions are the undervaluation of imported goods and incorrect tariff classifications.

On the other hand, some companies may have to import restricted or prohibited goods, such as cigarettes, alcohol, firearms and weapons. In these cases, the description of the commodity itself may not meet the requirements of the Customs Act.

If you have to deal with the investigators of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for one reason or another, we will find solutions to your Customs issues.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Development of internal procedures to prevent customs infractions;
  • Evaluation of imported goods under customs requirements;
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements with the Canada Border Services Agency;
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements with the federal Crown prosecutors including the adoption of diversion solutions;
  • Representation in court in the event of criminal prosecution for the violation of customs regulations.