Groupe Dupuis Paquin


Some might think that morality in business is a rare commodity. It is true that business relationships can be ridden with mistrust due to the competing demands of our economic system. However, in this "economic war", only a minority of economic players succumb to the temptation of fraudulent practices in order to keep their "piece of the pie", or to get a bigger share.

There is a fine line between aggressive competition and fraud. Fraud is also defined very broadly as a combination of dishonest behavior and the risk of financial loss that one poses to others.

Fraudulent acts do not only occur in the context of market competition. But whatever the context, there can often be a fine line between legitimate and prohibited conduct.

Companies and their managers may find themselves in such ambiguous situations either as the alleged perpetrators of the fraud or as victims. In both cases, they can use our services to help them make the best decisions.

In this practice area, our team meets your needs in several ways, including:

  • Advice when a business relationship starts deteriorating;
  • Development of internal procedures to prevent fraudulent acts;
  • Negotiation with the party complaining of a fraud or the party to which fraud is alleged
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements with the police or other law enforcement agencies;
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements with provincial or federal Crown attorneys;
  • Representation in court in the event of criminal prosecution for fraud, forgery and use of forged documents as well as abuse of credit.