Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Tax Law

Tax authorities systematically reiterate it in their mission statement: every taxpayer must pay his or her fair share of state-levied taxes. In turn, courts make a point of emphasizing in their rulings that "the government of the country has no assets itself; rather, it manages sums common to all of its citizens. Defrauding the government is equivalent to stealing from one's fellow citizens." (R. c. Coffin, 2006 QCCA 471).

That being said, while at the beginning of last century regulations related to the determination of tax, the reporting obligations of taxpayers, as well as the audit and collection powers of tax authorities were relatively few, they have now become incredibly complex due to their volume, lack of clarity and unpredictability.

In the last century, successive governments have indeed continued to multiply taxes and to add exceptions to exceptions to tax laws and regulations, thus making them incomprehensible for almost all citizens. It is in order to guide taxpayers through this overwhelming volume of standards that the practice of tax law has grown and become an essential component of professional services.

At DUPUIS PAQUIN and its sister firm JURIFISC, you will find reliable guides and determined representatives in this opaque area where, this ought to be emphasized, a great deal of mistakes are being made by tax authorities and taxpayers alike.