Groupe Dupuis Paquin

Our services

At PAQUIN DUPUIS, our clients benefit from our dual approach.

Some companies and their executives primarily seek our expertise as lawyers. Others, on the other hand, wish to take advantage of our experience as management consultants.

Either way, our objective is to reinvent the client relationship. To achieve that, we strive to ensure that companies and their executives adopt a proactive approach towards our professional services.

This perspective will enable our clients to address not only the matters at hand today, but to also be prepared in order to avoid the pitfalls likely to arise tomorrow. This perspective encourages our clients to focus on the "creation of opportunities" rather than "problem management". In other words, our approach is "offensive" rather than "defensive".

These are the services we provide at DUPUIS PAQUIN. Our range of services is characterized by the ACTION ↔ ANTICIPATION ↔REACTION continuum. Entrepreneurs know for a fact that these three steps are essential to any decision-making process. Therefore, our services portfolio covers each of these components. This enables our clients to identify a combination of services that will deliver real solutions, both in depth and duration.